Primary election day is March 3, 2020

Key Political issues

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  • Top-quality public education for all Texans from Pre-K to 12th grade and beyond.  Funding needs to stay within public schools, not school vouchers.  Additionally, we must find ways to increase educational budgets
  • Increased access to high-speed internet for students across rural Texas
  • Access to high-quality and affordable health care for all Texans, especially children, the elderly and those with special needs
  • Protecting a Women's right to choose, an abortion, and access to reproductive healthcare services 
  • Fighting for equal pay for women.  Equal work should mean equal pay
  • Reducing property taxes
  • Ensuring all Texans have equal opportunities and freedoms, regardless of race, age, sex,  religious beliefs, sexual orientation,  or gender identity.  All Texans should be free to be their true self and be safe doing so.   
  • Protecting the rights of LGBTQ individuals across Texas
  • Helping local and new businesses grow by creating new, higher paying jobs for Texans 
  • Focus on strengthening border security, targeting criminals and deporting them.  
  • Increasing funds for state law enforcement to target and end Human Trafficking 
  • Protecting our natural resources, rivers, lakes and streams from pollution, agricultural run off and chemical spills.
  • Eliminating loop holes regarding Gravel Pits in unincorporated parts of the state.  We have to hold people accountable and protect our water ways.