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Hi, I am Joe, asking for your vote to be your Representative

  All Texans deserves the opportunity to pursue higher education, but in order for our students to succeed beyond high school, we need State Representatives who will make public schools a top priority. 

Your representative should find long lasting solutions for Texas Public schools funding while reducing property tax rates. 

Your representative should be working to increase access to high quality health care for your families, encouraging medical clinics to move to rural communities creating jobs and peace of mind for your families. 


Your representative should be creating solutions to protect your property rights, demanding protection of local control, empowering local governments to make the changes needed to improve your communities’, businesses, and citizens best interest while protecting Texas lands and rivers. 

Your representative should be demanding long overdue Eminent Domain reform that will ensure you can protect your land, ranches and family’s way of life without worrying about big companies taking your land for their benefits. 


This campaign is about your families, your concerns and working towards solutions that will improve your quality of life for years to come. 


I am running to be your representative, to work with Rural Texans to find common ground and long-lasting solutions that will make everyone proud to be a part of Texas House District 53. 


I can't do this without you, so please, come and join the campaign and let's fight for your vision of Texas together.


My involvement

  • Member of The Hill Country Democratic Women
  • Member of the Hondo TX Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Texas Democratic Non-Urban Caucus (Rural Caucus)
  • Member of Tejano Democrats
  • Member at Large- Great Oaks Neighborhood Association - Oct 2018 to May 2019
  • Candidate in the 2018 Democratic Primary for TX HD 53
  • Chairman of the Community Advisory Board at KLRN (San Antonio, Texas PBS affiliate) | Oct 2016 to Oct 2017
  • Vice Chair of the Community Advisory Board at KLRN (San Antonio, Texas PBS affiliate) | 2014 to 2016

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